19 October 2019 - Atura Hotel - 1 Atura Circuit, Adelaide Airport SA 5095

This is the first time that AVSARC and AEC have run this event. After many successful seminars and other teaching events, both AVSARC and AEC saw notable gaps in the education streams of both vets and vet nurses.

The concept of this event was created so that both the vet and vet nurse stream could effectively gain knowledge in specific targeted area's that are relevant to recognising cases that should be referred on to a specialist or how general practice vets could deal with local emergency cases or patients that are in need of critical care prior to being sent to an emergency hospital.

This event would be the first all day conference in South Australia that has been organised for vets and vet nurses, by a dedicated team of specialist and emergency vets and vet nurses and has allowed the learning topics to be carefully crafted to engage with the targeted audience.

Speakers for the event are a great mix of both local and national talent to provide the best mix of informative and experience to share their knowledge and skill with participants.

Speakers Include;

Vet Sream

Dr Philip Judge (Vet Education), Dr. Patrick Kenny (Neurology SASH), Dr. Xander Huizing (VetCT), Dr. David Davies (AVSARC Medicine), Dr Ryan Taggart (AVSARC Surgey) and Dr. Andrew Carter (AVSARC Dermatology).

Nurse Stream

Tracey Irons (AVBS), Dr. Andrew Carter (AVSARC Dermatology), Dr. Nadine Hamilton (Positive Psych Solutions), Dr. Andrew Dunn (AVSARC Surgery), Dr. Philip Judge (Vet Education) and Charoltte Juhasz (AEC Emergency Nurse Team Leader).


Are availible on the below link from 3 June at 1pm.



For more information about this event please contact marketing@vetreferrals.com.au