Pet & Animal Dermatology Services

VetDermSA, established by Dr. Andrew Carter, is our Veterinary Dermatologist based at AVSARC. Andrew is a well accomplished and dedicated practitioner who aims to provide the highest quality referral dermatology service for your patient and their owner.

Andrew graduated with honours from the University of Melbourne in 1987 and in July 2003 he was awarded a Diploma in Veterinary Dermatology by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

Patients will require a consultation before any other tests or procedures can be carried out. To begin your referral process, please complete the online vet referral form or download and submit either by email or fax.

VetDermSA’s Referral Dermatology Service and Procedures

  • Consultations
  • Distance/ email consultations and case reviews
  • Dermatologic examinations and evaluation of problem skin cases
  • Diagnosis and management of allergic skin diseases
  • Diagnosis and management of autoimmune diseases
  • Investigation and treatment of recurrent or chronic ear diseases
  • Video otoscopy
  • Intradermal skin testing
  • Bee venom testing and desensitisation
  • Allergen-specific immunotherapy
  • Biopsy collection and assessment
  • Second opinions of previous biopsies
  • Cytology