Specialist Animal Surgery Services

Our surgeons offer a wide variety of surgical services. Both Drs. Taggart and Dunn completed an addtional 3-4years of focused training in surgery after completing veterinary school, similar to human specialist surgical training. This allows them to offer the highest level of competence and expertise in South Australia.

Orthopedic surgery including fracture repair, investigation of lameness, management of joint injury including reconstruction, stabilisation, replacement and arthrodesis, management of developmental orthopaedic disease, management of ligament, tendon and muscular conditions.

Cruciate repair: While trained and expert in several techniques to address cranial cruciate ligament rupture, Drs. Dunn and Taggart most often use Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy (TPLO) as the current evidence would suggest this procedure allows for the most consistent and successful results treating cranial cruciate ligament rupture.

Minimally invasive surgery (‘key hole’): Joint and cavity procedures including arthroscopy, thoracoscopic, and laparoscopic assisted surgical procedures; image guided (real time x-ray) minimally invasive fracture repair; image guided (real time x-ray) stent placement

Neurology and Neurosurgery: Including investigations of neurologic disease and surgical treatment when required. A full range of neurosurgery procedures can be performed including management of spinal fractures/instabilities, intervertebral disc disease and spinal and brain tumors.

Oncologic (cancer) surgery for large and/or invasive tumours including cosmetic and functional repair using advanced reconstructive surgery where required and skin flaps and grafts.

Soft tissue surgery (routine and advanced) including gastrointestinal, hepatic, urinary, pulmonary, skin/reconstruction and cardiac.

Joint Replacement: We currently offer total hip replacement (Biomedtrix) and partial elbow replacement