Overnight Care Package

We have designed an overnight care package for stable patients requiring overnight monitoring.

The package fee is from $600 (depending on the nature of the case), and includes:

  • Admission consultation with the on-duty AEC Veterinarian
  • Hospitalisation and overnight monitoring
  • Baseline blood work on admission – PCV/TP, blood gases and electrolytes
  • Intravenous fluid therapy
  • Standard analgesia overnight, if required. Multimodal analgesia and constant rate infusions are subject to extra charges

This package is suitable for animals needing overnight care and monitoring. Examples include post-operative patients or dehydrated animals requiring overnight fluid therapy.

Please call AEC before 5 pm on (08) 8362 1722 to discuss your patient with the AEC Duty Vet to determine if they are eligible for this package.

Once you have discussed the patient with the AEC duty Vet and the patient is approved for this package please, complete the overnight monitoring form and submit along with the patient’s medical history either by email, fax or online.

Email: reception@vetreferrals.com.au | Fax: (08) 8132 0533

  • Overnight Care Package

  • (please include dosages, routes and times administered)
  • Overnight Management Plan

  • Instructions if treatment plan requires changes (please tick)

  • Upload Supporting Documents

  • Upload to Dropbox